Upwelling| Blue Innovation works with private and public companies, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, mass media, stakeholders and decision makers.
-INOVATION- BE Innovative doesn't mean that we need to be always re-inventing the wheel,
Like UPWELLING phenomenon, which brings to the surface, cooler and nutrient-rich waters, generating productive waters.
What we need is... just the Right "Wind"
Since very young my way of see the world was in a holistic way and that's why I want to create value for Marine Affairs, applying my visionary essence where is needed.
There's no time and money to go forward in old projects and mentalities, rebuilding the wheel.
It's time to take the best of each other and define a strategy.
Focus on INNOVATION, COOPERATION and KNOWLEGGE TRANSFER can improve your organization.
No matters the size of your project/your business, we adapt our services to your reality and needs!

Founder - Ana Rita Garcia-Ferreira

Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Ana Rita Ferreira and I am an experienced and passionate oceoanographer.
After finishing my degree in Oceanography at the University of Algarve in Portugal, I have been working at the University of Porto, Oceano XXI (Maritime Cluster, Portugal), etc. Also I acquired extra skills in Cornell University (New York), CICESE (Mexico), ESA, University of Zagreb,etc.
During my work at the maritime cluster, I was in charge of connecting stakeholders from science and business to foster cooperation and reuse of scientific results.
I strongly suggest you to read about my references on